James B. Guthrie
Artist's Statement

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As we navigate our lives through time and space we see and experience our world, our universe, in comprehensive ways. In our travels we see and then refer to things as if they existed as separate, unique and distinct objects. We speak of these things by using language such as: “a cloud”, “a hill”, “a forest”, “a tree”, or even "time". This language gives us some measure of comfort, giving us the feeling that we comprehend and thus understand our world. These distinctions, though, are at minimum an approximation; at most they are an illusion.
There are no edges, no distinct lines between these things that we see and attempt to categorize. They blend, they flow, they migrate, they share and they exist in a larger totality, an
Edgeless universe of changing and shifting dimension and context.
How do you measure something so large?
James B. Guthrie
San Diego, California